Screening and Q&A for The Last of the Vostyachs Short Film

On July 3rd 2012 there was a screening at the Free Word Centre of the short film The Last of the Vostyachs, which director Kevin Jackson has adapted from Diego Marani’s novel of the same name.

Commissioned by the publishers Dedalus, the film builds on and develops the recent trend of ‘book trailers’ by being an adaptation and short film in its own right, one that charts the dark politics and drama behind the fate of forgotten languages.

After the film was screened to much applause, publisher Eric Lane from Dedalus interviewed the director Kevin Jackson. Kevin talked about calling in favours due to last minute casting problems, the use of folk music on the soundtrack, and the experience of making his longest short film to date.

The evening also included a reading of the English version of The Last of the Vostyachs, by the translator Judith Landry.

Please see below to watch the short film The Last of the Vostyachs yourself:

The Last of the Vostyachs from Dedalus Limited on Vimeo.

You can also listen to the Q&A between director Kevin Jackson and publisher Eric Lane in the audio below, or at the following link:

Additional information:

Diego Marani was born in Ferrara, Italy in 1959. Marani is a novelist, translator, essayist and newspaper columnist.  In 1996 he invented ‘Europanto’, a mock international auxiliary language. His novels include New Finnish Grammar and The Last of the Vostyachs.

Kevin Jackson’s many books include Bite : A Vampire Handbook, Moose and The World of John Ruskin, and he reviews regularly for major newspapers. For the last two years, he has also been making short films. For Dedalus he has made Exquisite Corpse from the novel by Robert Irwin and The Last of the Vostyachs from the novel by Diego Marani, translated by Judith Landry. His next project for Dedalus is The Mussolini Canal by Antonio Pennacchi, translated by Judith Landry, which with the book will appear next year.

Eric Lane is Publisher At Large at Dedalus and founded Dedalus with a group of friends in 1983.


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