How to apply to the programme

The Writers in Translation programme is now open for submissions. We are inviting publishers to submit applcations for books that will be published between July – December 2012

Download the Writers in Translation application form here

There are two rounds of grants awarded per year. The next round for submissions will open in September 2012 and will be for books that are published from January – July 2013. 

  Conditions: Please read carefully

  • Only titles which adhere to the PEN spirit of defending freedom of expression or promoting inter-cultural understanding will be considered.  NB: Applicants will be asked to justify how the title adheres to PEN’s aims, as set out in the PEN charter
  • Titles should be published preferably within 18 months from receipt of application
  • Samples sent to the programme MUST NOT exceed 6,000 words
  • Responsibility for commissioning a sample translation for consideration by the programme lies with the publisher
  • The translator of the sample MUST be the translator the publisher is going to use for the final published book
  • The sample sent for consideration MUST be an edited version, even it is a work-in-progress
  • The acknowledgement ‘Recommended by English PEN’ must be printed on the jacket of the work
  • The acknowledgement ‘This book has been selected to receive financial assistance from English PEN Writers in Translation programme supported by Bloomberg’ must be printed on the introductory pages of every print run
  • A short statement about the aims of English PEN must also be published on the prelims pages
  • The name of the translator must be printed either on the front or back cover of the book
  • Any press coverage/reviews of the book MUST mention the fact that the book is supported by English PEN’s Writers in Translation programme
  • 12 complimentary copies of the book must be sent to English PEN
  • English PEN reserves the right to ask for additional information about the project.
  • Please read carefully the submission criteria outlined in the application form.


For all queries, please contact


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