Media in Iran

One of the achievements of President Khatami’s reformist government has been the relative freedom of the press.  However, this has been a target for the conservatives who control the judiciary and who see the media as a threat to the foundations of the country’s Islamic system.  Many pro-reform publications have been closed, and their writers and editors jailed.  According to the reformist Iran Press Freedom Association, more than 1,800 journalists and photographers had lost their jobs over three years because of the closures and suspensions.

Although the broadcast media have seen some changes, they nevertheless remain more restricted than the press.  Television is very popular in Iran, and satellite television is tolerated to some extent.  Many foreign broadcasters target listeners in Iran, including the Washington-backed Radio Farda, which is a station that is aimed at a young audience. 

The Press:

  • Aftab-e-Yazd (Sun of Yazd)- reformist

  • Kayhan – conservative daily

  • Tehran Times – English-language



News Agencies:

Sources: BBC; Reporters Sans Frontieres (correct at October 2003)

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