The public broadcaster is ETB1, which was set up by the Basque autonomous government, and which has been on-air since 1982. Today, it broadcasts for the whole of the Basque Country on both sides of the border, which has had a huge impact on the standardisation of the language. Another public broadcaster, ETB2 (a Spanish television channel) broadcasts approximately two hours of children’s programmes per day in Basque).


The public radio station is Euskadi Irratia, which is a branch of the public broadcasting corporation, Euskal Irrati Telebista. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, and can be heard throughout the whole of the Basque-speaking territory. There are around a dozen private radio stations broadcasting in Basque.


A number of newspapers contain some material in the Basque language: Egin has 17% and Deia and DiarioVasco 10% each, with the rest of the material in Spanish. There used to be one daily newspaper (Euskaldunon Egunkaria) which was published entirely in Basque, but this was closed down by the government in April 2003. It used to issue 15,000 copies per day, and had a circulation of 100,000. For more information about the closure of Egunkaria, please go to


There are some 100 publishing houses in the Basque country, which publish 1,500 titles per year.


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