Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami

Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami was born in Iran in 1960.  In 1982 he left Iran and continued his education in France and the United States. During his graduate studies he specialized in contemporary Persian and nineteenth-century French literatures.  His research on Victor Hugo, Alienation, and La fin de Satan, focused on issues of exile and its effect on the creative process of literary production.  After completing his doctoral degree he moved to New York and since then he has published a number of articles and books on contemporary Persian literature.  Among his works are:  A Feast in the Mirror: A Collection of Short Stories by Iranian Women (co-edited and co-translated with Shouleh Vatanabadi), Modern Reflections of Classical Traditions in Persian Fiction and his latest book (co-edited and co-translated with Shouleh Vatanabadi), Another Sea, Another Shore: Persian Stories of Migration (2003).  Currently he is teaching Persian language and literature at New York University.

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