PEN publishes literary dispatches from Turkey

In 2013, English PEN launched a campaign for greater freedom of expression in Turkey. The campaign aims to raise awareness of current threats to writers, publishers, translators and journalists; to promote literature from Turkey in translation and to engage in public discussion and debate with writers, artists and intellectuals from Turkey. The campaign is led by our Writers at Risk Programme, which works on behalf of writers and other literary professionals at risk around the world. In addition to our work on behalf of cases of concern, we featured regular dispatches from writers in Turkey on the PEN Atlas – several of which appear in this e-book – and hosted a series of events throughout the year.

With the help of PEN Atlas editor, Tasja Dorkofikis, English PEN has been working with some leading writers and translators to produce a unique collection of writing from Turkey. Featured writers include Kaya GençCiwanmerd KulekMario LeviAyfer Tunç and more. Some dispatches come from writers who have already seen their books published in English; some are appearing in English for the first time. Some have been translated; some were composed in English. Quite a few were written from the heat of the Gezi protests; others offer quiet reflections. All are open letters, inviting us to write back.

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