Professionals working with Writers in Translation

In line with other English PEN programes, Writers in Translation has a Steering Committee, which acts as an advisory board to the programme.  The main purpose of the Committee is to act as an Editorial board in assessing the applications submitted to the programme for funding.  The committee currently consists of the following people:

Ros Schwartz (translator from French) – Chair

Kerry Glencorse (literary agent) – Vice Chair

Nicholas Murray (writer) Vice Chair

Kate Griffin (international literature specialist, BCLT)

Daniel Hahn (translator from Portuguese, Chair of the Translators’ Association, BCLT)

Julian Evans (writer)

Ben Faccini (writer)

Philip Gwyn Jones (publisher, Portobello Books)

Koukla MacLehose (UK literary scout)

Max Porter (Bookseller, Daunt Books)

Michele Roberts (translator)

Fathieh Saudi (writer)

Shaun Whiteside (translator, CEATL)

Miranda France (translator from Spanish)

Georgia de Chamberet (literary agent)

Stephen Watts (poet and translator)



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