Recommended reading

The following are articles from recent media which provide some interesting background debate:

  • Eric Dickens  in CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture on literary translation in Britain

  • Pico Iyer in Prospect on the linguistic legacy of empire 

  • Jonathon Keats  in Prospect on the Manx and ‘Spanglish’ languages

  • Michael Hoffman in the Guardian reviewing Umberto Eco’s Mouse or Rat? Translation as Negotiation

  • Umberto Eco in the Guardian on the art of negotiation in translation

  • Boyd Tonkin in The Independent on a positive shift in attitude towards literary imports in the UK

  • Stephanie Merritt in The Observer on an initiative to persuade the public to take a greater interest in European literature

  • Douglas Murray on on the translating of the King James Bible

  • Michael Hofmann on on the state of literary translation into English

  • K. A. Dilday on on the relationship between literature and the narrowing of the American mind

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