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Shouleh Vatanabadi was born in Iran in 1955.  In 1978 she left Iran to continue her education in the United States.  During her graduate studies in comparative literature, she specialized in Middle Eastern literature.  Her work is focused on the crossroad of postcolonial studies, women’s studies as well as diasporic studies.  Currently she is a faculty member in the General Studies Program of New York University.  She is the author of several articles on Iranian and Azerbaijani culture and literature. Among her works are, A Feast in the Mirror: A Collection of Short Stories by Iranian Women (co-edited and co-translated with Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami), and her latest book (co-edited and co-translated with Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami), Another Sea, Another Shore: Persian Stories of Migration (2003) published by Interlink publishing Group.

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amir farahnak

dear shouleh
my first name is amir
last name is farahnak esfahani
i was born in tehran iran dec.31.1959
i have a message for you
peace in middle east should be the iconic view of,
amir in my life on this earth.

amir farahnak esfahani

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