UNESCO Collection of Representative Works

The UNESCO Collection of Representative Works was created in 1948 as a cooperation and cultural understanding programme.  Its aim was to encourage the translation, publication and distribution in the major languages – English, French, Spanish and Arabic – of works of literary and cultural importance that are nevertheless not well known outside their original national boundaries or linguistic communities. 

The works have been published as co-editions in partnership with publishers from all over the world.  To date, the catalogue of these works contains some 1,300 titles from more than 80 countries, translated from 100 or so different languages

UNESCO’s collection includes the following titles by Turkish authors: 


Anday, Melih Cevdet

Offrandes. Poèmes 1946-1989

Traditional Turkish poems by a team of translators under the direection of Timour Muhidine

Paris, Éditions Publisud/Éditions UNESCO, 1998. (Bilingual French/Turkish)

Ulysse bras attachés et autres poèmes

Poetry translated from the Turkish by Turhan Doyran, Sabahattin Eyuboglu and Hifzi Topuz; introduction by Sabahattin Eyuboglu

Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés/UNESCO, 1970 (FRENCH)


Emre, Younous

Le divan

Preface and translation from the Turkish by Yves Régnier

Paris, Gallimard/UNESCO, 1963

Entre les murailles et la mer. Trente-deux poètes turcs contemporains

Poetry translated by Michèle Aquien, Guzine Dino and Pierre Chuvin

Paris, François Maspero/UNESCO, 1982 (FRENCH)


Gürmen, Osman Necmi

L’espadon [Kiliç uykuda vurulur]

Novel translated by Anne Courcelle with a preface by V. Vassilikos

Paris, Gallimard/UNESCO, 1979 (FRENCH)


Karaosmanoglu, Yakup Kadri

L’étranger [Yaban]

Novel translated by Ferda Fidan with a preface by Nedim Gürsel

Paris, Cent Pages/UNESCO, 1989 (FRENCH)

Sabahattin Ali

Youssouf le taciturne [Kuycakli Yusuf]

Preface and introduction by Paul Dumont

Cergy/Paris, Publications orientalistes de France/UNESCO, 1977 (FRENCH)

Bilbasar, Kemal

Gemmo [Cemo]

Novel set in Eastern Anatolia in the twenties, as Kemal Pasha attempted to destroy the feudal system.and take Turkey into the contemporary world

Translated by Esin B. Rey and Mariana Fitzpatrick

London/Paris, Peter Owen/UNESCO, 1976 (ENGLISH)

Taner, Haldun

Thickhead and Other Stories

Short stories translated from the Turkish by Geoffrey Lewis

London/Boston, Mass./Paris, Forest Books/UNESCO, 1988 (ENGLISH)

Kemal, Yasar

El Halcón [Ince Memed]

Well-received story of Memed, a poor orphan, who takes revenge against a tyrant

Translated from the Turkish by Rafael Carpintero Ortega

Barcelona/Paris, Ediciones B/Ediciones UNESCO, 1997 (SPANISH)

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