English PEN Modern Literature Festival 2016

On 2 April 2016, more than 25 UK-based writers, poets, novelists, playwrights and artists joined English PEN and the Enemies Project to perform new works created in solidarity with some of the incredible individuals we support through our Writers at Risk Programme

The inaugural English PEN Modern Literature Festival, curated by Steven J Fowler of the Enemies Project, saw each of the writers present a brand new piece – poetry, text, reportage, performance – in response to the writer at risk with whom they have been paired.

A full list of participants, partnerships and performances below.

English PEN is hugely grateful to all the writers who took part and to Steven for his incredible support.

Follow the progress of the project on #penfestuk

The festival was intended as a call to membership for writers, artists and readers in a time where we face perilous challenges to our freedom of expression and fundamental rights and hard fought liberties, both internationally and here in the UK. As the world changes so remarkably, and so rapidly, and on a global scale, it is vital the political will of our time and this generation of young, dynamic writers is directed purposefully to the work of English PEN, the writer’s charity. The hope is this festival, away from creating at least 30 new members of PEN, begins involvements and connections which will have exponential resonance for decades to come – Steven J Fowler


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