Live Web Broadcast with Irshad Manji

Welcome to English PEN’s first live video broadcast. We kick off just after 4pm GMT.


Thanks to all the people who tuned in to our first ever live broadcast. We are very grateful to Irshad Manji, Ghaffar Hussein, Kenan Malik, and Sunny Hundal for taking part, and to PEN Trustee Salil Tripathi for chairing the discussion.   The recording of the eventis available below.

Video streaming by UstreamNote: We actually missed recording the first few moments of the broadcast, where Salil welcomed the participants and viewers. Many apologies for that – it was our first time!

4 Comments on “Live Web Broadcast with Irshad Manji”

  1. yes spot on discussion so far. we are individuals. ‘the who gets to speak’ question is relevant because it points to the issue of legitimacy of ‘the Speaker’ i.e. there’s almost an idea that here’s a “group”, and we need a Speaker – as if one is an official spokesperson of some political party or institution.  it’s all about organisation. when people form such official bodies, then such questions become relevant. obviously, this is all about power of the group over its disparate members and not quite members. its all about the anxiety of networks of people who really want to be more organised, and feel annoyed that actually – its not all that tight, and who are these individuals daring to perk up and voice their opinions? its an inflammatory question of course.

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