The Orwell Prize and Johann Hari

Last week, The Orwell Prize trustees issued a statement regarding the 2008 Prize:

Johann Hari has contacted the Prize and offered to repay the Prize money. Political Quarterly, one of the partners in running the Prize and the partner responsible for paying the prize money that year, has decided not to pursue the prize money, but has instead invited Hari to make an appropriate donation to English PEN, of which George Orwell was a member.

We can confirm that Johann Hari has contacted English PEN to offer a donation equal to the value of the prize. By agreement, this will be made in installments once Mr Hari returns to work at The Independent.

English PEN is grateful for this donation, which will go towards our work promoting the freedom to write and the freedom to read.

English PEN does not discuss individual donations, and will not be issuing any further statements on this matter.

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