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Eritrea: a muzzled state

Today marks the sixteen-year anniversary of the crackdown on dissent in Eritrea, in which twelve journalists were arrested for their free expression work. Sixteen years later the whereabouts of the detained journalists remains unknown and freedom of expression continues to be severely repressed. To mark the anniversary, English PEN is proud to publish ‘Eritrea: a

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Report on crisis for press freedom in Turkey

Ahmet Şιk is an award-winning investigative journalist and author. In Journalism Under Siege, he describes how Turkey’s media ownership has been transformed, leading to a dominance of pro-government media in the country; intimidation, denial of accreditation and firing of critical journalists have further eroded independent reporting. Laws that curtail and criminalise investigative reporting have been

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Demanding Justice for Murdered Journalists

English PEN is proud to support the Speak Justice Campaign, launched today.  Powered by the Committee to Protect Journalists, this new campaign is an opportunity to break the terrible cycle of murder and impunity that is currently experience by journalistic communities around the world. Murder is the most extreme form of censorship.  More than 660

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