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carmen bugen

An 'archival identity'

This week PEN Atlas hears from Carmen Bugan, daughter of Romanian dissident Ion Bugan, on her discovery of previously classified files about her family that were kept by secret police

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To some I have talked with by the fire

PEN Atlas this week features Taiwanese author Wu Ming-Yi, who takes us through the Great Pacific Trash Vortex, indigenous island tribes, and the ancient practice of storytelling – all of which inspired his first novel to be translated into English

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On #OccupyGezi, the Turkish Government prefers conspiracy theories to engagement

Oray Egin reports on Turkey’s ‘dissident witch hunt’. On Monday 5th August 2013, Turkish courts finally reached a decision on the most controversial trial to date. The Ergenekon investigation, which was launched in 2007, initially aimed to disclose an alleged clandestine organization that plots to overthrow the government. But over time, the investigation widened to

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Our man in Berkhamsted

Kaya Genç introduces PEN Atlas readers to Şavkar Altınel: travel writer, inspiration for a famous literary character, translator of famous British poets and resident of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

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