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Poetry International: Modern War Poetry

Poetry has the ability to take the statistics of war and make them personal. Voices from outside the US and UK describe their different experiences of conflict, including Syrian-Kurdish poet Golan Haji and Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh. Discover the war poets of today who are recording their experiences for future generations at great expense to

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Blog: Modern War Poetry

English PEN and Poetry International have come together to present Modern War Poetry – an event that offers the opportunity to hear personal accounts of conflict from a Middle Eastern perspective through poetry and discussion. This event is one of three Poetry in Conflict themed talks taking place on Saturday 25 July. Each one aims to provide

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Blog: July – a month of poetry

By some happy coincidence, all of our events this July are of the poetic kind. It therefore seems appropriate to declare this our unofficial month of poetry! So without further ado, here’s what we’re getting up to and where you’ll find us: 1. Poetry as Protest @ Ledbury Poetry Festival – Sabrina Mahfouz & George

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Literary Activism: is poetry the strongest form of protest?

Poets from around the globe share their views and personal experiences as part of the Poetry International Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. English PEN brings together Tamil poet and activist Kutti Revathi (India), Kurdish poet and columnist Bejan Matur (pictured, Turkey), hip-hop artist, poet and reporter El Deeb (Egypt) and Serhiy Zhadan (Ukraine) to discuss

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