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As many of you will remember from previous years, each year between November and February, when many religious and secular holidays fall, PEN encourages our members and friends to send Season’s Greetings cards to imprisoned and persecuted writers around the world. To mark the 90th anniversary of English PEN we would like to invite you all to write a card to one or more of our current cases of concern, and to encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Many writers who have received these cards have told us of how much it meant to them to be remembered by their colleagues in this way, including Lewis Medjo who, following his release from prison in Cameroon in May 2010, included a note of thanks and copies of some of the letters he had been sent on the inside cover of his newspaper La Détente Libre

If you are interested in being involved in this extremely worthwhile initiative, please email to request the list for 2011-2012.

(NB. These addresses should be treated as confidential, and as such must not be posted on a website or otherwise made public as this may lead to misuse by others.)

Season’s Greetings Guidelines

You may wish to send cards or emails to all those on the list or you might decide to focus on a particular region, country or case – it is entirely up to you. All we ask is that you let us know which of the cases you decide to write to so that we can keep a record of how many cards are sent to each of the prisoners.

As the prisoners represent a variety of religious faiths, it is strongly advised that you do not send cards with overtly religious symbolism. Instead, we recommend that you send general greetings or tourist cards from your town.
Should you wish to write to a particular country but are worried by language limitations, please visit the ‘Translated Greetings’ page of the website. There you will find a brief message translated into Azerbaijani, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Turkish and Uzbek which you may choose to include alongside your own message where appropriate.

It is important to put your return address on the card (or the office address of English PEN if you would prefer) so that if the person is able to reply they can do so. Please do let us know if you receive a response, and send us a copy for our records if possible.

If you have any queries about the initiative please email

Many thanks and very best wishes to you all for 2012.

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