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Life Stories inside prison – HMP YOI ISIS

English PEN’s Life Stories project has been sending writers, memoirs and the gift of a journal to young men in HMP YOI Isis to encourage writing and thinking about their lives, recording their time in prison and reflecting on the importance and the potential for change. This six week course, led by performance poet Joelle

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Brave New Voices 2.0: Year One

In 2015-16, young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants across Greater London worked with poets, performers, playwrights and novelists to discover their own voices as writers and to celebrate multilingualism.

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Becoming a Brave New Voice

Brave New Voices participant Francesca Ojefua writes movingly on her lifelong love of reading and writing, and how picking up her pen helped her to rediscover her voice following traumatic life events.

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Brave New Voices: a city imagined – the audience review

As the world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, the word ‘refugee’ has become inseparable from the disturbing images of overcrowded boats, families huddled behind barbed wire borders and the lifeless bodies of children washed up on foreign shores. Whilst these are important for drawing attention to a harrowing reality in desperate

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